The organization of your workflow for your company is an essential step in optimizing your business. It can be a daunting task but it is easily done. Your team will be more productive with some planning and some tips.

A workflow is the sequence of steps necessary to finish a specific task. It may be sequential or parallel, or both. It includes tasks that are mandatory that must be completed, must-haves and nice to haves which need to be completed to meet a specific objective. It also includes the people tools and resources required to accomplish these tasks. A well-organized workflow will ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. It also helps employees focus on the most important aspects of their job.

The workflow process can be streamlined using software. This is particularly beneficial in customer service, as it can reduce the time required to respond to a request. Automation can also cut down on human error, which can improve the quality of a product.

A workflow can be organized into folders in the dashboard to help you locate and manage your processes. For instance the sales workflow could be divided into various folders that are based on the brand or product lines. To create a folder, go to the dashboard for workflows and click Create. Give the folder a name, then click the checkbox beside the business unit you’d like to assign to. To change a workflow’s assigned business unit simply hover over the workflow, then click More > Change business unit.

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