Security of documents is a problem faced by every business, whether they are storing physical documents or files on a computer. Documents that fall into the wrong hands can undermine confidence in the client and could threaten deals. It’s crucial that companies have robust procedures to protect both offline and online documents.

The best document management solutions will have a range of features that help to secure documents. These will include encryption, password protection, and VPNs. In addition, these tools will be able to limit access to certain ports, like USB and flash drives. This will help protect your sensitive documents and stop them from being taken. It can also prevent employees from accidentally leak information by connecting personal devices.

Another excellent method to safeguard your documents is by using an automated document tracking system. This will allow you to see who has accessed and read a document, and can monitor their locations and IP addresses. It will also notify you if they attempt to download or print a document from an unknown location.

This is particularly beneficial for remote teams that work on a variety platforms. It is not difficult for them to send an incorrect email attachment or leave a document on a laptop which allows sensitive information to be accessed by anyone. Document tracking systems ensure that only those with the need to access or alter the document are able to perform this. Unwanted attempts to access the document will be detected.

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