Online meetings for board meetings are becoming increasingly popular during the current pandemic, because they’re a convenient method directors can take part in meetings from anywhere and not have to travel. They’re also a more efficient way for nonprofit governance, as they allow for more focused discussions and more time on making decisions.

Virtual meetings are more difficult than meetings held in person, however they can be equally effective if they are executed according to the same rules. Before you begin, ensure your attendees have a reliable internet connection and their video calls are clear. It’s also important to have an agenda with pertinent documents and a list of topics for discussion, along with the option of remote voting. Certain online platforms include these features to make meetings more interactive, so be certain to look for this when you select a software program.

Make sure your speakers and mics are in good working order prior to the meeting. It is also advisable to ask participants to shut off their devices and to stay clear of distractions like pets or family. In addition, it’s a great idea to record the meeting in order to share with those who weren’t present and for easier minutes creation.

You can also require attendees to register prior to the meeting, which will collect their name and email address. This will protect data from unauthorized why a virtual board meeting could be your best option users and allows you to check attendance in your report of the meeting.

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