Cloud data services provide an affordable, flexible and accessible way to manage your information.

Cloud-based databases are an excellent alternative to traditional in-house systems. They offer significant operational cost savings through the elimination of hardware, software and human costs. Moreover, a cloud-based solution can drastically reduce the time to market for new projects.

Cloud storage provides numerous benefits, including increased access to data, less costs for recovering and backups and the capacity to allow users to expand without having to worry about data management issues like performance and capacity. Additionally, data is protected from system failures with the use of redundant servers which are located in various locations around the world. This means that should the server fails, all your data remains secure and accessible by another computer connected to the internet.

However, one of the major drawbacks of cloud-based storage is the dependency on an internet connection. If you lose your internet connection or device malfunctions you could experience major downtime and loss of productivity. Additionally, certain data sets may require storage on premises, especially if they are sensitive to latency or are required to be close to application code.

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