A tool for managing boards is a software application designed to help improve governance for your organization. Board members, executive teams, and committees use them to communicate information and conduct business. The best board management tools can be used to create a single place of truth for documents, and facilitate meetings, and let you manage your organization’s workflows.

A good digital board management system lets board members and administrators save time working manually, such as creating meeting agendas, preparing and sharing board packets and locating lost documents. By eliminating email and other methods of file sharing, they can reduce the risk for cybersecurity incidents. The best boardrooms are those that use a secure, robust platform with built-in cyber protection.

Utilizing a digital board portal can help organize and manage essential documents in one location, allowing all contributors to locate the information they need without having to search through heavy, bulky PDF files on shared drives or send emails that were previously not sent in a sequence. Board document management systems offer specific permissions, so only those who require them are able to access the necessary documents.

In order to put everything in place for a board meeting is an obstacle for even the most organized group of individuals. Board management tools can facilitate meetings by providing a calendar for meetings online private workspaces, online meeting rooms and video conferencing integrations. They can help record and distribute meeting minutes and keep an eye on action items using automated reminders as well as other useful features.

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