It is a fact that planning the board meeting can take many hours and can be a hassle. Your meetings could be ineffective and deplete your productivity if they lack focus discipline or enthusiasm. There are simple things you can implement to ensure that your directors are engaged and are able to participate in a successful board meeting.

Make sure you review your meetings at least Every Year

Gathering feedback is among the best ways to improve your meetings. After a few of your meetings, ask your board members to take two sticky notes and put “+” on the parts that were good and “-” on the areas that could be improved. Invite them to place the notes on the back of a poster that they can hang in front of the entrance so that everyone can see the areas that need to be improved.

Manage Your Time

Keep your meetings short to allow for meaningful discussion and decision-making. Avoid the temptation to include lengthy reports and “have to” things on your agenda. Consider breaking down the extensive information from your guidebook for board members into smaller discussion topics. Consider having your directors conduct their own research prior to the meeting and bring questions prepared to be discussed.

Board meetings can also be a chance to rev up the team’s enthusiasm and spur the group to take action. Include “mission moments” into the meeting, so that your board members will listen to testimonials and stories about the impact that your organization has on the lives of people. This is a great motivational booster for your group.

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