A board portal that’s properly selected can provide a multitude of benefits to organizations who want to improve their meeting workflows, collaborate with confidence, and enhance governance. It is important to evaluate each feature and not over-engineer with unnecessary features which can increase the cost. It’s also essential that your board portal provider has a good track record and provides responsive customer service in the event of an issue. It’s helpful to ask potential vendors for testimonials and reviews from other clients who have successfully used their software previously.

Streamlined Meeting Process

Modern portals let board members access meeting notifications, an agenda as well as a digital board pack and other documents via their tablets or smartphones. In addition to allowing for online note taking, they enable direct messaging between directors about specific topics and have all communications recorded in the portal. These discussions are automatically transformed into meeting minutes and you can add an electronic signature on any board document.

Board members can also annotate documents ahead of an event to better prepare for and participate in the discussion. Meetings can also be held in a hybrid format, in person or remotely. It is crucial to be able to create boards from the meetings, and to be able to automatically update previous copies when line items change. Additionally, the option to conduct a post-meeting discussion lets leaders decide the best path for the next steps, and document any agreed upon decisions.


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