Remote meetings are an essential element of collaboration, especially for teams with multiple locations. If you don’t follow the proper manners of meeting they may be less effective than meetings in person. However, many of the same strategies that help make meetings more productive and fun in person can be applied to virtual meetings. Here are 13 strategies to conduct effective remote meetings, from members of the Forbes Coaches Council:

1. Use an agenda.

Begin the meeting with an agenda that keeps it focus and avoid getting lost in conversational nonsense. If possible, draft the agenda in advance with input from attendees, and present it at the beginning of the session.

2. Encourage everyone to speak to one another.

Some people aren’t keen to attend online meetings because they fear overtaking the conversation or being interrupted. You might want to consider using a conference call camera and microphone to block out background noises and amplify everyone’s voice equally. Request comments or questions after the meeting, so that everyone is heard.

3. Make sure you focus on action items and follow-up.

Too often, meetings leave with a lack of action items and no clear follow up plan. To prevent this from happening, you must decide how actions will be documented and followed-up at the start of the meeting, and revisit them at the conclusion of the meeting. It’s also a good idea to schedule follow-up one-on-one original site meetings or another team meeting within a realistic time frame.

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