A good board member is a devoted volunteer that understands their role as a spokesperson for the association, the business and its mission. They are not afraid to speak up and ask questions during board meetings, and share their knowledge with the board members and assume leadership roles in committees. They also look for opportunities to improve their governance skills and learn new ones through leadership workshops and classes.

A good board member is aware of the time commitment for working on the board. They make sure to attend all board meetings and committees. They are involved in their committees, and offer feedback and assistance as needed. They also seek ways of making the board more efficient, for example, using tools like scheduling software and platforms that permit easy document sharing.

The most important characteristic of a successful board member is their ability to exercise good judgement. They don’t allow petty issues to impede a meeting or hinder the mission of the organization. They can be able to see the big picture and offer a valuable perspective from the outside, which is crucial to making decisions. They have a good understanding of the industry in general, which can impact on strategy options, M&A, hiring and firing decisions as well as fundraising, legal issues and organizational design. The ability to discern wisdom is built through failures, experience, and intuition. Without it, board members can perform a disservice to your business.


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